関連ワード (3Dプリント、AirTag、Apple等) についても参考にしながら、ぜひ本記事について議論していってくださいね。




Andrew Ngai(アンドリュー・ンガイ)氏は、AirTagの厚さの原因がその基板とバッテリーが重なっていることにあると理解した。そこで彼は重ねずに並べればよいと考え、分解修理サイトiFixitを参考にしながらAirTagを分解した。なお、このサイトにはAirTagのすばらしい分解写真もあるので、その中を知りたいが自分で分解するのは怖い人におすすめだ。全体を組み立てなおして完動を確認したアンドリュー氏は、新しいケースを3Dプリントし、ワイヤーをハンダづけして基板とバッテリーを離して接続した。そしてすべてを元に戻せばOKだ。彼はAirTagがリリースされてからわずか数日後に、それをやってのけた。

まあ、いろいろなスキルがないとできないワザだが、アンドリュー氏は親切にも、カード状のケースを3Dプリントで作るためのSTLファイルをアップロードして、Thingiverseで無料で公開している(もちろんTile Slimを買ってもいいが、そうするとハンダゴテや3Dプリンターの出番はないから、楽しくないかも)。

【初出】 9to5mac

画像クレジット:Andrew Ngai


Apple’s new AirTag item trackers are pretty small, but not quite small enough to slip into most wallets without adding an obvious bit of bulk.

Fortunately, as one talented AirTag owner has found, that’s nothing you can’t fix with a heat gun, a bit of soldering and an understanding that you could totally fry your shiny new AirTag in the blink of an eye. Oh, and a 3D printer.

When Andrew Ngai realized that much of AirTag’s thickness came from its PCB and its battery being stacked atop each other, he set out to instead arrange them side-by-side. With the help of some iFixit guides (which, by the way, provide an awesome peek inside the AirTag if you’re curious what’s in there but aren’t looking to dissect one yourself), Andrew tore the AirTag down to its key components. After making sure everything still worked in its freshly disassembled state, he 3D printed a new case, soldered in wires to connect the board to the battery at a distance, and put everything back together. Success! And he did it all within just days of AirTag being released.

While this sort of project requires a pretty broad set of skills to pull off, Andrew has kindly handled one of the steps for anyone looking to take it on: he’s uploaded the STL file for the 3D-printed card holder as a free download on Thingiverse. (Or you could, of course, just buy a Tile Slim. But that doesn’t involve soldering irons and 3D printing, so where’s the fun in that?)

[via 9to5mac]

(文:Greg Kumparak、翻訳:Hiroshi Iwatani)


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Apple's new AirTag item trackers are pretty small, but not quite small enough to slip into most wallets without adding an obvious bit of bulk. Fortunately, as one talented AirTag owner has found, that's nothing you can't fix with a heat gun, a bit of soldering, and an understanding that you could totally fry your shiny new AirTag in the blink of an eye. When Andrew Ngai realized that much of AirTag's thickness came from its PCB and its battery being stacked atop each other, he set out to instead arrange them side-by-side.

It's easier than it should be to stalk someone with an AirTag

When Apple announced the AirTag tracker at its Spring Loaded event on April 20th, the biggest concern from several groups was the ease with which the device could be used to stalk someone. Apple certainly isn't the first company to sell a small, powerful tracking device, but it's clearly the most prominent, and people who might never have heard of Tile or Chipolo are going to start seeing advertisements for the AirTag all over the place. Apple has made a point of discussing the measures it has taken to ensure that AirTags won't be used as a tool for abusive people to keep track of their partners. For example, if an AirTag that you do not own is on your person when you arrive at a frequently visited location, you'll get an alert on your phone. AirTags also emit an alarm when they are away from their owner for three days, though Apple says it could shorten this time limit if necessary. These may sound like adequate steps for Apple to take on paper, but The Washington Post's Geoffrey Fowler wanted to see how easy it would be to track someone using an AirTag in reality. As he discovered over a week of testing the device, "Apple’s efforts to stop the misuse of its trackers just aren’t sufficient." As Fowler explains, he tested the privacy and security measures of the AirTag by having his colleague Jonathan Baran pair his phone with one of Apple's new trackers and then pop it into Fowler's backpack. Fowler then spent the next week traveling around the San Francisco Bay Area while Baran tracked him (with Fowler's permission) using the Find My app on his iPhone. Baran was able to "find [Fowler's] whereabouts with remarkable precision" using the app, and as Fowler was riding his bike, the app updated his location every few minutes. As for the three-day alert, Fowler said that it was effective in his case and that he heard the alarm multiple times after he was out of range of his colleague. The problem is that the alert resets when an AirTag is within range of the iPhone it has been paired with, which means that someone living with an abusive partner might never receive the alert if they return home before the countdown ends. Plus, there is a setting in the Find My app that allows users to disable "Item Safety Alerts" altogether, and you don't have to enter a PIN or a password to change this setting. If an abuser has access to a victim's phone, they can turn this feature off with the victim being none the wiser. Couple all of Fowler's findings with the fact that it is possible to remove the speaker from an AirTag (h/t 9to5Mac), and it's easy to see why people are concerned about the new accessory. There are a few simple steps that Apple can take to make the AirTag more "stalker-proof," but the current measures just aren't enough.

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Getting Started with AirTag. To begin, the AirTag is a mini device with a user-replaceable battery that Apple claims will usually last around a year. You can attach up to 16 of them to a single Apple ID. The procedure is extremely simple: simply place it next to an iPhone and mark it.

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One of the features of Apple's AirTag tracking device is the fact that the battery can be replaced by the user. But that is actually a negative according to a retail chain in Australia called Officeworks. On Reddit (via GizmodoAustralia) potential AirTag buyers discovered that they could no longer purchase the product in-store or online […]

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